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The International Institute of Advanced Intuition is dedicated to conscious, transformational, cutting edge, online education. Founded by Heidi Jane, the IIAI is the place to access education for highly sensitive people and empaths, IICT Approved Diploma level training, and specialised courses for entrepreneurs including:

The Diploma of Intuitive Dynamix | IICT Approved Training

The Intuition Method | Personal Development

The Intuitive Entrepreneur | Business For Conscious People

My Body Is Perfect | Body Acceptance for Highly Sensitive People

Empaths Self Mastery | Webinar Series


*IIAI is a Platinum Approved Training provider with the International Institute for Complementary Therapists



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Sharne tam

After doing Heidi Jane’s Empath workshop I knew I had to do the Intuitive Dynamix Diploma as I was finally starting to make sense of what was happening to me and my life. The course challenged me on several levels making me re examine everything that I thought I knew about myself and the Spiritual business that I had been involved in for more than 20 years. The Intuitive Dynamix Diploma course and especially Heidi herself helped me to me to ground, heal and shift my confidence into high gear. The clarification I got about myself, my Souls purpose and how to not only survive but thrive in this world has been invaluable to me, and now this is flowing over to my clients in my consultations with them. The skills & tools that Heidi has empowered me with during the course will be with me everyday in my personal life as well as how I run my business & interact with clients going forward is immeasurable. I highly recommend this course. And I am very grateful for Heidi & the experience.

Steph I truly believe in this course – it can bring enormous and positive changes to your life!  I have never felt so grounded or confident within myself and I’m only half way through.  There have been moments of ease and understanding and moments where I’ve struggled with myself. But I’ve never known myself better either – especially in those moments of struggle.  It’s all worth it to see how far I’ve come and to be able look forward to where I have to go.


I have completed several courses and workshops with Heidi, which have transformed my life. Up until the age of 46 I struggled on a daily basis with depression and anxiety and a complete lack of understanding of self. I felt different and didn’t know where or how I could fit into modern society. The most difficult part was I could not understand why I felt this way, and no one else could provide me with any answers. I saw many practitioners and attended many other workshops and courses with people like Louise Hay and Brandon Bays, however the answers weren’t forthcoming, leaving me feeling more desperate and depressed. Would I ever understand myself or find a way to live a relatively “normal” life? I cannot explain the huge sense of relief after hearing Heidi describing what it felt like to be an Empath, when she gave a talk at the Mind, Body and Spirit Expo. This was the turning point in my life. Finally I met someone who understood me! I attended that first talk with my best friend. We both laughed with relief at the end of the talk, my friend stating with great excitement “now I understand you’re not crazy, you are an Empath!”. Since that first talk at the Mind, Body & Spirit Expo I have completed the Intuitive Dynamix Practitioner Diploma with Heidi. Even after completing the diploma course, I felt drawn to attend the Empath Workshop with Heidi. Even though I have come so far in my understanding of myself through the courses I have completed I found once again Heidi was able to deliver new information and facilitated a greater expanse of understanding….. more of those light bulb moments!!! I can honestly say that I feel like I have finally found my direction and a deeper understanding of self through Heidi’s teaching and I feel fully supported by Heidi’s nurturing and education.

leanneSince meeting Heidi and completing the Intuitive Dynamix training I have felt more empowered than ever before. Heidi’s message resinated with me and I embarked on her training purely as a self-development opportunity.

WOW! is the word that comes to mind, because my learnings through Heidi’s training in Intuitive Dynamix have become a new way of life for me.

The applications of this knowledge in my everyday personal life, corporate work as an Learning & Development Manager, relationships with family & friends & general awareness of the world we live in have been immeasurable.

Heidi wants to “inform humanity one heart at a time”  well I’m very happy to say this human is informed and loving it! Thank you Heidi for illuminating my heart and I’m so excited for the many opportunities that await.

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